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When you talk about female emcees. No one is bringing it harder nowadays besides Psalm One. She recently just finished touring with ICP and R.A. the Rugged Man. The Rhymesayers artist is slept on and could very well be the best lyricist on the Indie Label’s roster, definitely the best female. I caught up with the DJ, graffiti artist, and emcee for a short interview with the Audio Fuzz team.
What is the origin of your artist name Psalm One?
There’s a dual meaning: the obvious is the actual verse from the bible, and the other is more rooted in hip hop. The latter meaning was to let everyone know in the neighborhood that I was the first Psalm to (lyrically) tag around there. My graffiti artists can relate to that one.
What was it like growing up in Chicago and how did that influence you as an artist?
Chicago is a rich city, in terms of musical influences and genres. We all know how many great rappers have come from here, but from rock to blues we have a hotbed of talent. It keeps artists sharp, but sometimes there are so few opportunities that some artists get bitter. Through it all though, artists who are from Chicago and who live in Chicago get to rub shoulders with some of the very best alive.
What are your thoughts on the Chicago music scene?
This question is a little too general for me to answer fully. It could take all day! Let’s just say I pray for the scene and have fond memories of being part of it.
Do you feel as a female emcee its more difficult to be taken serious as your male counterparts?
How has the experience been being on tour with R.A the Rugged Man and the Juggalos?
ICP is a wild rap band with an actual posse and crazy fanbase. For people who aren’t in the know, sometimes Juggalos can get a bad reputation. But overwhelmingly the clowns and the Juggalos showed me nothing but love. I did have to saran wrap my DJ gear every night though. So much Faygo and water being thrown on and off the stage!
How did you end up being R.A’s DJ on the tour, I know you guys had the song “Open Relationship” prior?
RA and I have been rap buddies since we did that song together, and the tour was a last minute opportunity I couldn’t say no to. RA was offered the tour by ICP, and his regular DJ couldn’t do it. I’ve been DJing my own gigs for about a year now, and I’ve often throughout my career been my own DJ. So I know what to do. I made it work and I’m glad I did!
In the news its been a lot of talk about sexual harassment, what has been your experience with that subject In hip hop?
Any experience I’ve had with sexual harassment in my career has been negative. I’ll just put it like that.
Congratulations, I understand you made the Grammy ballot this year?
Thanks! Yes, it’s for a song called “Sunshine” by Naki the Beatman featuring Mickey Facts,  J Lyn and my group the Rapperchicks. I’m very excited about it. It just lets me know that the maneuvers I’m making count, and to keep it up.
Whats next for Psalm One?
In the next year or so you’ll see a lot of my work behind the scenes for different artists. I’m in a phase of being more part of all-around production, from music to projects to events.

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