Goldfrapp Exceeds All Expectations at Brooklyn Steel Show

To say that Goldfrapp was incredible is an understatement. Like their electronic predecessors (i.e. Daft Punk, LCD Soundsytem, etc.) they delieverd an unforgettable show that not only exceeded our expectations but left us with an insatiable urge to see MORE!

While some questioned the show’s slow-tempo openers “Utopia” and “Lovely Head” it was the perfect calm before the awe-inspiring storm to come. The gritty, industrial new song “Anymore” brought the boisterous, up-tempo electronica they became notorious for. Following that was hypnotic and LOUD “Train” that was met with a technical glitch that was quickly resolved by the band. Alison Goldfrapp was dressed in a stunning shiny, black outfit that showcased her stellar star-power and demanded the audiences attention. She quickly addressed the crowd mainly to point out some tool in the front of the crowd holding a giant camcorder (like seriously?!) but shortly after she pointed this out he put it away (thank Goldfrapp!).

Goldfrapp went on to deliver a setlist that was a clever and cohesive mix that spanned the duos monumental 18 year career. Of the new songs performed “Anymore”, “Systemagic”, and “Everything Is Never Enough” had the audience jumping and already singing the lyrics. But it was the old songs that had the audience clamoring with undeniable euphoria that swept across Brooklyn Steel’s large room like a wildfire. Songs like “Ooh La La”, “Ride A White Horse”, and the super electrifying song that started it all, “Strict Machine.” They are without a doubt the king and queen of electronic music and their ‘train’ is stock full of gas that will keep them going for years to come.

Check out a clip of “Systemagic ” below!

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