Introspective Fun: Cale and The Gravity Well – “The Age Of Envy”


Cale and The Gravity Well

“The Age Of Envy”

The Age Of Envy

Cale and The Gravity Well is one of the most intriguing names in music.  And Cale’s picture included in this article reminds me of a Vermeer or Van Eyk.  Oh, and his music is unbelievable.  Here is a quote from his Bio:

Cale Bonderman started writing music just two years before Cale and the Gravity Well, his indie-alternative project, was formed. However, inexperience wasn’t going to keep him from breaking into the music industry. With help from close friends, DC based rock group Lionize, Cale and the Gravity Well released his debut album, The Age of Envy in May 2016.

You can hear the influence of Fleet Foxes and Modest Mouse with a little Neutral Milk Hotel thrown in.  Cale is on his ways to becoming one of the great singer/songwriters.  Listen carefully to his lyrics.  He has a great way with the turn of a phrase.  Great stuff.

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