Keep Shelly in Athens Remixed by Postiljonen

Drift off to the far corners of your mind with a listen to At Home, the debut LP by Keep Shelly in Athens. Good for a late night chill out, you will find yourself on an abandoned moonlit beach, whirring with passion your heart beats the waves crash. Breathy vocals and layered synths collide with lyrics of recollection, uncertainty and hopefulness.

The Greek dream pop duo recently wrapped their North American tour but you can listen to a remix of Oostende by Postiljonen now available on SoundCloud:


Keep Shelly in Athens At Home
1. Time Exists Only To Betray Us
2. Oostende
3. Recollection
4. Flyway
5. Higher
6. Madmen Love
7. Stay Away\
8. Room 14 (I’m fine)
9. DIY
10. Knife
11. Sails
12. Hover
13. Back to Kresnas street

Jenny Rickey, Contributor

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