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Damn The Witch Siren


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Based in Columbus, Ohio, Damn The Witch Siren is comprised of Bobbi Kitten and Z-Wolf. “Inspired by the twinkling pop of the 80s, as well as the moody beats of trip-hop and the bubbly synths of 8-bit music,” (Ladygunn) the duo describes their genre as “witch-pop.”  There is something very strange about Damn The With Siren.  I think the witch-pop layer applies.  The song, “Fantasy”, starts out almost 30’s-40’s Astaire-Rogers film style, then takes you on a true, siren-like ride.  No doubt, there is something other-wordly about Damn The Witch Siren.  Kitten does have a wonderful siren-like voice.  If I heard her singing on the Rhine, I would steer my boat right onto to her rocks.  She is the Lorelei of music.  I have fallen under her spell.  Listen; you well fall too.

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