Meet The Next Big Female Artist: Alexandra Savior

alexandra savior, the belladonna of sadness, mystery girl, shades, alternative pop

Alexandra Savior has hit the music scene like an asteroid hitting earth at 35,000mph–and we couldn’t be happier. The Portland-based artist was first discovered by Courtney Love in 2012 after posting a YouTube video featuring her singing “Big Jet Plane.” A year after that Savior was given a recording contract by Columbia Records.

Today she is preparing for the release of her debut album The Belladonna of Sadness. And from what we’ve heard already, we can safely say that this album is going to be one of the hottest albums of 2017. Savior has a soft, seductive, and finely-calibrated voice that is comparable to the likes of Fiona Apple, Elle King, and (hints of) Stevie Nicks. Alexandra Savior, herself, has described her vibe as a “feminist angst horror film feel”–Leave that to your imagination.

The first two songs we’ve gotten to preview from the new album are “Shades” and “Mystery Girl.” The vibe we’ve gotten from these two songs definitely falls along the “horror film” line but both have a mid-tempo, energetic feeling despite their subtly haunting features. However, it’s more than apparent that Savior’s dedication to writing and song-crafting are priority here. Within the course of 4 years she has gone from a YouTube star to quickly becoming an international starlet. Put this on your list.

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