New Classixx Release Takes Us On a Tour of Los Angeles David and Tyler Blake, the Los Angeles-based production and DJ duo known as Classixx, have just released the first single off their long anticipated debut album, Hanging Gardens, due for release in May. “Holding On” is a luscious arrangement of post-disco feel-good moods and tones.  Like their native Los Angeles, it’s bright, sunny and spacious. While the rest of the electronic world is still saturated in dub-step infused heavy electronic distortions, Classixx changes everything we’ve come to expect in recent years by bringing us back to a danceable melodic care-free sound.

While “Holding On” is sure to be a hit on dance floors this spring/summer, it’s the duo’s B-side, “Borderline”, that’s the highlight from this release.  With vocals from Kisses’ front man, Jessie Kivel, and its light synth-pop sounds, “Borderline” sounds like something straight out of 1984, delicious and infectious, addictive and irresistible.

Check out the video to “Holding On” which, like the song, takes us on a car ride down the streets and highways of Los Angeles. Audiofuzz are making this our official song into Spring 2013!

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