Phantogram – Fall in Love

“Fall In Love”

Fall in Love is the new single from Phantogram’s new CD, Voices, due out February 18th, 2014. Phantogram is a band from upstate NY consisting of Josh Carter (vocals, guitar) and Sarah Barthel (vocals, keyboards). Their name refers to the optical illusion in which 2D images appear 3D. This name especially fits their music style. When listening to Phantogram, you get this 3D sound, as if with the buildup of guitar and keyboards, plus the way the Barthel’s vocals flow on top of this base give the song multidimensional feel. The vocals are clear and the lyrics are deep and sad. The chorus repeats the plaintive phrase “Fall in me, I’ll let you breathe”. Barthel’s vocals could devour you with her phrasing. Another favorite line of mine is “Love, it cut a hole into you eyes.” Interestingly enough, much of the lyrics are unfinished, leaving the listener to fill in the gaps. I am impressed. The lyrics have much in common with Lorde’s, but Barthel’s voice is more ethereal. I’m not sure whether Phantogram is from this planet or not. They definitely have a special sound to their music. I really like this band. I’m definitely going to look for their previous work and will await the new CD.

4½ of 5 stars. Phantogram+_png

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