Stone Cold Fox – remember your first heartbreak? They do

Stone Cold Fox

Memory Plan


I know the guys you’re dreaming of

And I know they don’t know how to love.”

So “Seventeen” by Stone Cold Fox starts out.  This power pop song (power pop at it’s best) is that great song about how to get over a broken heart.  Stone Cold Fox sing about the torment of that first heartbreak and how friends are there to help you get over it.  This song is so much fun, very reminiscent of early Offspring.  In fact, “Seventeen” brings you right back to the first time, and how, looking back, this super ‘important’ moment of your life was one of your growing periods.  The video for “Seventeen” gives the cure to a break-up:  friends and cheerleaders.  Feeling miserable has never been so enjoyable. 

8½ out of 10

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