The Acid – Strangeness made beautiful

the acid

The Acid



The beats, the drones, the guitars in mass, and the bass beautifully support the vocals of Ry X in a truly unearthly world.  With the help of fellow producers Adam Freeland and Steve Nalepa, The Acid have created a sound that is truly unique.  Just like the CD cover and pictures of the band, the sound of The Acid is truly unique, like an image seen over and over with slight fuzziness and a clarity in one CD.  Listening to the CD, especially in “Fame”, one notices under the normal beats and guitar and bass sounds, are all sorts of odd sounds combining to keep the unworldliness going.  Besides the beautiful songs, one of the fun parts of listening to Luminal is trying to figure out all the sounds percolating underneath.  You will love it.


The Acid

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