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420 Funk: The Pheels – “Don’t Play Yourself”

  • June 5, 2016
  • 1 min read

the pheels

The Pheels

“Don’t Play Yourself”


The Pheels are made up of Curtis Fields and Phil Jones, and they make the best stoner funk I’ve heard since early Prince or Cocteau Twins.  I can see these guys on tour with the Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre.  This is great stoner music.  These guys aren’t rough, but very laid back.  I love the way the video is so marijuana-infused.  There is no doubt what these guys love: music and 420.  But their sound.  Even if you hate 420, don’t know what 420 is, but you love great, melodic funk, then you’ll love the Pheels also.  Check them out.

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