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Amazingly Beautiful: Scarlet Sails – “Butterfly”

  • October 22, 2017
  • 1 min read
Amazingly Beautiful:  Scarlet Sails – “Butterfly”

Scarlet Sails


Let me start by saying, Scarlet Sails is one of the greatest bands out there.  They are unbelievable. As their bio says, this is:

 Indie rock band with a soul and attitude. When all you see is darkness within, you find the light, that’s what Scarlet Sails sound like.
New York-based Moscow-born singer, songwriter, and pianist Olya Viglione met former Dresden Dolls drummer Brian Viglione at one of New York’s lower east side rock clubs, a thunderbolt of lightning they hit it on both fronts.

Olya has the most beautiful voice, combined with the delicate touch of Tori Amos or Freddy Mercury on piano, and Brian is the GREATEST DRUMMER OUT THERE.  He knows when to play, and when not to.  Listen to his subtle drumming on this song, or on any Dresden Dolls album.  The two of them are backed up by  Mark Kohut – guitar and  Edward Goldson – bass.  Altogether, it is no wonder that Scarlet Sails is my favorite band.  Check them out.  No one does music better than them.

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  • Brilliantly work! Perfection! I was blown away! My favorite song! Love this voice! Love this music! Incredible performance! Scarlet Sails Forever!!!

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