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American Symphony: Worhol – “Already Forgotten”

  • February 26, 2018
  • 1 min read
American Symphony:  Worhol – “Already Forgotten”


“Already Forgotten”

I so love Symphonic Rock, and Worhol is one of the best I’ve heard.  Listening to them takes you soaring to the Carpathian Mountains or the Slovenian Alps, so I was totally floored when I found out they are from Katy, Texas.  This band is amazing.  Comprised of Larry Worhol – Guitarist/Pianist, (Composer); Ashley Worhol – Vocalist/Pianist, (Composer); Craig Malinowski – Bassist/Visual Artist; and Marty Naul- Drums, they feature the amazing voice of Ashley Worhol, whose voice can bring you to tears or on your knees in worship.  Another fact that is amazing is Larry and Ashley Worhol are father/daughter, something rarely seen in rock music.  I can’t think of other father/daughter teams.  All I know, this is one of the great symphonic rock bands.  And I love their bio:

An army of chosen ones who would bring forth to the land a new and inspirational voice in music.

I want to be part of this army.

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