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And They’re Back: Belly – “Shiny One”

  • February 23, 2018
  • 1 min read
And They’re Back:  Belly – “Shiny One”
Stephen DiRado


“Shiny One”


Belly is back.  My goddess, this is as exciting as having The Breeders back, maybe more, since it’s been so long since Tanya Donelly has graced us with her beautiful voice singing her wonderfully quirky music.  Belly was always my favorite bands, with “Gepetto” and “Feed The Trees” on constant play.  Belly, of course, is made up of Tanya Donelly,
Gail Greenwood, Tom Gorman, and Chris Gorman.  They have not lost any of their power and the beautiful way they combine as a band.  Goddess, we need bands like Belly.  Thank you for being such a treasure.  Long may you rule.

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