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Beautiful Romance: Aris – “Reborn”

  • October 18, 2015
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Don’t ask me how he does, but Aris has done it again.  Another great sexy song, a beautiful video, sexy man, everything.  I don’t know how someone can be so beautiful and so talented at the same time.  If he weren’t also the very sweetest guy I know, I would be so jealous.  Well, screw jealousy, I will just listen to some of the best music out there.  If there is a hierarchy of gods, then Aris is Apollo.  This song is also the most romantic song I’ve heard for ages (Bryan Ferry wished he had written to song).  That line, when I look in your eyes, I’m reborn.  Aris, please look in my arms.  Yeah, I’ve got a huge boycrush on Aris, but the talent is so there.  Listen to all his works.  He has NEVER done a bad song.  He is the best out there.

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