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Beautiful Tenor Voice: Majken – “Fainted Love”

  • August 25, 2017
  • 1 min read
Beautiful Tenor Voice:  Majken – “Fainted Love”
Photo Cred: Margit Christensen


“Fainted Love”

Dancing Mountains

I love this woman’s voice.  Where so many female singers try to hit the highest notes possible, Majken has a wonderful, deep, almost tenor voice.  LA-based, Nordic Indie pop star Majken is influenced by the Velvet Underground and Leonard Cohen.  Her collection of dreamy songs contain raw, emotive lyrics, cushioned by indie beach rock and a vintage Europop vibe. She’s inspired by wild nature, breakfast in bed, the various cities she’s visited and called home and the people in those places.  All I know, she has this wonderful presence (I love her haircut) and that voice, god, I’m mesmerized by it.  Majken is now one of my favorite performers.  I love her.

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