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Cinema: Jason Vitelli – “Labyrinthine”

  • November 26, 2017
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Cinema:  Jason Vitelli – “Labyrinthine”

Jason Vitelli


Head Above Tide

Wow, Jason Vitelli makes the most beautiful songs.  He calls his music “cinematic rock music with a vision”.  He crafts these beautiful narratives into gorgeous songs with pomp and circumstance, just beautiful melodies.  On Head Above Tide, he is supported by Dave Ramsay: guitar, piano; Michael O’Brien: bass; Yorgos Maniatis: drums; Cherette Lewis: backup vocals; and Lisa Trenary: backup vocal.  Together, they make ethereal masterpieces.  I believe what Vitelli does is paint pictures with his music and lyrics.  Just read his lyrics on “Labyrinthine”:

The heroine’s done for the night

Labored in her breathing

Icy wooden floors

Resonate and splinter

Into a labyrinthine construct

Her boots muddy from the high tide

Turning the lights out, turning the lights out Turning them out she makes it clear

It’s not gonna be a new day

For her to sense the depth of the seas

No auspices, just fitful sleep

Enough to make her disappear

Her head still filled with the noise

From the fiery tempest

Red surrounds the haze

From the moment she was cast down

Alas, she crawls through the blackest fields Crumbling walls of the gravest courtyard Brought with her a scattergun

Will blow their brains to kingdom come There will be no surrender

The bloodiest crypt of a thousand leads to the underground

Signs, they just meet her

Or else she just knows to take a turn

Too wise to let the seconds be owned

Sells herself as more and more ticks break Ticks break, taking her away from escape This cloister held in the depths of hell Beneath the dirt it lurks

Forever in the terror

Her mind’s a curdled maze

Envisage a head case

Blowing apart the pirouettes

Their endless streams of swirling hatred Turning the lights out, turning the lights out Turning them out, she makes it clear

It’s not gonna be a new day

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