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Controlled Chaos: Typhoon – “Darker”

  • December 17, 2017
  • 2 min read
Controlled Chaos:  Typhoon – “Darker”




Coming out like a storm from Portland, Typhoon makes great music.  Consisting of kyle, toby, dave, pieter, alex, tyler, devin, shannon, this is a band that has a lot of heart and even more talent.  I love the fact that this post-punk band refers to themselves as death affirming.  And their influences are Gore Vidal, David “bend-it-like” Beckham, and Bill Murray, and with influences like that, you know you’re in for a wild ride, and that is what you get.  This is the third song from the Darker album, detailing the final stages of the character’s memory crisis, in which he loses those distinctions separating self from other. Naturally, chaos ensues.  Yet, the song itself is contained chaos.  Wonderful.  Below, check out these great lyrics.  This is what a concept album should be.

I tried, you know, just to tow the line: love all the neighbors, live in the light. Sure I stumbled sometimes. Self-contained (a convenient lie). Every source of pain, every sting of pride had to come from the outside. But you. You won’t even fight me fair. Wait for the darkness catch me unaware. You pull me close. Then you twist the knife. I don’t wanna live with the kinds of trouble I keep finding myself in. Mirror to my left, mirror to my right. A void stretching out on either side. Is it your face or mine? Try to leave a mark. We carve our names. All cornered animals behave the same then get eaten alive. So that’s it. I wash my hands, I cut my ties to the world and it’s vicious appetites. Yes I am ready to die. I don’t wanna live with the kinds of trouble I keep finding myself in. Something’s gotta give when the water keeps on rising and the walls are closing in. How long can I keep this tired act together? It’s one short ambulance ride and then the waiting room forever. Tell me how do I make the right move now? Prepare me for the moment when my mind goes out. I am trying hard to follow the sound.

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