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Costa Rican Proto-Punk: Sportdad – “Octopus”

  • December 16, 2018
  • 1 min read
Costa Rican Proto-Punk:  Sportdad – “Octopus”



Coming from Costa Rica, Sportdad is a band comprised of Stewart Heigold: Lead vocals, Guitars; Romain Garriot: Guitars; Guillaume Devigne: Bass; and Daniel Solorzano: Drums. These guys harken back to the great early 70’s New York scene, a combination of psychedelia with Dolls and Dictators flair for fun.  This is a great, fun band that has all the right moves in a very twisted, up-to-date, DIY style.  I love this bands.  And guys, they are young and they will be around for a long time, getting better and harder.  Oh, and they are great looking, which does help a lot.

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