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Darwinism: Forced Random – “Get On”

  • October 29, 2017
  • 1 min read
Photo Cred: Sean James Garland

Forced Random

“Get On”

I love this single.  There is so much going on here, it takes a couple of listens (at least) to catch all the subtleties that are happening.  Forced Random is the music exploits of London based Oliver Girdler. In “Get On”, in his beautifully quiet way, he bewails the “de-evolution” of mankind.  As he states, “We must all evolve or become obsolete – technologically/romantically/culturally/musically.”  As his bio states:

Full of confidence and musically assured, these songs provide a snapshot in time in which the vulnerability of the self competes with the brutal Darwinism of our age.

Listen and evolve.  This is a beautiful way to do so.  Even his name, Forced Random, is a perfect name to describe his music.  I love it.

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