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Did He Really Say That? Henry Hall – “Dream Lover”

  • November 14, 2016
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Henry Hall

“Dream Lover”

My Friends Don’t Like Me

Henry Hall looks so normal.  He isn’t.  This man is crazy.  Listen to one of the funniest songs (though sad also) I’ve ever heard.  Hall’s bio states:

Henry Hall’s rare brand of alternative pop features ethereally infectious vocal harmonies over Hall’s signature falsetto, unusual synthesizer/guitar textures, and witty, idiosyncratic lyrics. Self-Deprecation Music at its finest. It’s Grizzly Bear meets Mac DeMarco meets Sam Cooke. You won’t hear indie rock like this anywhere else.

Henry Hall – Vocals, Guitar; Robby Caplan – Bass; and John Snyder – Drums; make up the music that us Henry Hall.  Hall’s falsetto is unbelievable.  He hits notes that are in orbit.  But his lyrics are always a punch in the stomach; you just don’t expect him to say what he sings.  I must give you an example.  I love this guy.

Take a look at my ass
Does it seem
Like I’m anything but happy?
Cuz I’m not
And when I’m home
I pretend that I’m not napping
When I am
What is that?
Oh, and did I fucking mention that I’m in love with my girlfriend’s sister?

Dream Lover

Didn’t go out
Go outdoors
On Memorial Day weekend
I stayed inside
Went online
That’s not a part of Drake’s weekend
A part of mine
It sure is
Oh, and did I fucking mention that I’m in love with my girlfriend’s sister?

Dream Lover (My Girlfriend’s Sister)

Really wanna go out
Really wanna stay in
Really wanna do both,
But that’s impossible

Really wanna fall in love
Really wanna get fucked
Really wanna do both…

Dream Lover (My Girlfriend’s Sister)

Music and lyrics written and composed by Henry Hall

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