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Every Punk: Blood And Glass – “Whiskey”

  • October 25, 2016
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Blood And Glass


Punk Shadows

“Released just in time for Halloween, the song – produced by Morgan Moore – is sure to ignite the dancefloor of your costume party with its Britpop vibe. As the flamboyant Lisa Moore succinctly puts it “Put your mask on, order your whiskey shots and dance like the crazy drunken monster you are”. The video, directed by visual artist Brigitte Henry, draws us into a world of lost disco, as kitsch and strange as a David Lynch film, in which Morgan and Lisa play ghostlike characters. Just like the song, the clip is both sombre and playful.”

Blood and Glass are Lisa Iwanycki-Moore, Morgan Moore, Robbie Kuster, and Melanie Belair.  Even though Blood and Glass is fronted by Moore, this is NOT a girly band.  This is a tough, punk band from Montreal who are influenced by Patti Smith, Souixie and the Banshees, and Bat For Lashes.  They claim as interests Stanley Kubrick, Frida Kahlo, Philip Glass, Tim Burton, Marina Abramovic, Hitchcock, and David Lynch.  I love the fact that the song, “Whiskey”, is for the guy at the bar wearing the Pink Floyd t-shirt who comes alone, leaves alone, and falls asleep with his hands in his pants; in other words, all of us.  I love this band.  I love their sound, their look, their philosophy.  This band plays to me.

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