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Funk: John The Martyr – “Cross The Line”

  • February 3, 2019
  • 1 min read
Funk: John The Martyr – “Cross The Line”
Photo Credit: Patrick Dunford


John The Martyr

“Cross The Line”

John The Martyr

Do you like your blues funky or your funky blueish?  John The Martyr is the band for you.  Comprised of William Hudson, Kyle Ridley, Dustin DiSalvo, Christopher Hines, Martin Seiler, Darren Denman, Misia Vessio, Chris Lucca, Dillon Garrett, and Kiho Yutaka, this is the funkiest stuff I’ve heard since James Brown.  I love this band so much.  Bill Hudson is 70 years old, but can kick ass better than anyone around.  Kyle Ridley is 26, but when they met, they clicked.  And what great music it is.  I have been listening and dancing to John The Martyr since my introduction to them.  You will too.

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