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Growing Up, Not Old: Brooke Waggoner – “Ovenbird”

  • January 28, 2016
  • 1 min read

brooke waggoner

Brooke Waggoner



Brooke Waggoner is one of that select few of artists with extremely unique lyrics, vocals, and piano playing.  When she lets loose at the piano, it sounds like she is playing the harp; her notes flow like a waterfall through her material.  Her lyrics are very introspective.  Waggoner says of her new album, Sweven:

 “My only goal was to finish it before my son was born. It came down literally to the day. I tracked my last set of vocals the afternoon before his arrival.”

For the album, Brooke ended up producing and handpicking a close knit group of friends and family to play.  The album is about growing older and maturing.  “Ovenbird” is a startling beautiful song.  Waggoner, from New Orleans, is a master of lyrical music.  She comes from a classical music background with 17 years of formal training. She graduated with a music composition and orchestration degree from Louisiana State University in 2006. After graduating, she left for Nashville and began developing her current music.  There she has made her way writing, arranging, and producing her own albums.  Sweven is a masterpiece. 

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