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Grunge Revival, Better Than Before: Dinosaur Pile-Up – “Grim Valentine”

  • July 23, 2017
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Grunge Revival, Better Than Before:  Dinosaur Pile-Up – “Grim Valentine”

Dinosaur Pile-Up

“Grim Valentine”

Eleven Eleven

Coming from Leeds, this heavy trio smashes all your preconceptions of  the Grunge revival by coming across heavier than the originals.  This is what Nirvana should have sounded like.  More like the Deftones, who were real grunge.  Comprised of Matt Bigland, Michael Sheils and Jim Cratchley, these guys no how to play with no holds barred.  As their bio says, “All riffs and no play make Matt a rad boy.”  Their single, “Grim Valentine”, is just the perfect grunge song.  As the band says about the song:

“the weird relationship between someone making you feel terrible only because you like them so much.  If you break it down, as exciting as it is, liking someone can really suck.  All the throws of heartbreak.  All the nerves.  But I guess it makes for big kick ass rock songs like this so I ain’t complaining”

Ain’t that the truth, guys.  Nothing makes better rock than bad relationships.  And Dinosaur Pile-up proves that better than the other bands out there.


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