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Grunge/Punk: Sleepwalker – “Get Hot”

  • December 27, 2015
  • 1 min read



“Get Hot”

Holy Hell

There is absolutely nothing more I can say about my band.  Yeah, these guys are MY band.  There is not one thing about Sleepwalker that I would change.  I love them.  Live they have to kick ass.  The rifts are there; the vocals; the looks; the pounding bass and guitar.  No one that is playing right now sounds like them.  They remind you of the best of grunge while being very original.  Imagine, you’re at a bar; “Get Hot” comes on the jukebox; you down your shot; you play air guitar, jump around, go crazy.  What a band.  Play Pittsburgh or at least Youngstown.  We love this music here.

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