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Happy Music: Kat McDowell – “Language Of My Heart”

  • November 25, 2017
  • 2 min read

Kat McDowell

“Language of My Heart”


I love Kat McDowell.  She just makes such peppy, upbeat music, kind of like She & Him.  McDowell’s voice is so clear, so sweet, just what I need to listen to every time sad news come my way.  I especially love this song.  The story behind McDowell’s song is so perfect.

When asked about the inspiration behind “Language of My Heart,” Kat explains, “I have a friend I first met in Japan, and have become surf buddies with here in LA. We spend a lot of time talking to each other in Japanese and English. One day, when she picked me up to go surfing, I noticed her car navigation was in Spanish, and I realized that even though we both speak to each other in Japanese and English, she had a whole other language in her repertoire, that I hadn’t heard her use.”

“So I asked her which language she feels most comfortable in, to which she replied, ‘I love all three languages, but to me Spanish is the language of my heart,’ and I loved that line so much I decided to write a song from it.”

Aren’t we all more comfortable speaking the language of love rather than hate?  So is my go-to song for any troubles.  Thank you Kat McDowell for making me feel good.  You are the best.

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