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Hard Hitting Beauty: Me & Munich – “Knives Of The Sun”

  • October 29, 2018
  • 1 min read
Hard Hitting Beauty:  Me & Munich – “Knives Of The Sun”

Me & Munich

“Knives Of The Sun”

Knives Of The Sun

What a killer band.  Denmark has reached out to slay us again.  This duo made up of Jan Petersen on guitar and Marco Bøgehøj on drums have the killer sound of the White Stripes with Neil Peart on drums.  Jan Petersen throws down licks that keeps this music so unbelievable.  This band makes me so excited.  There is something so explosive about this band, so wonderful that chills up my spine.  When I compare them to Jack White and Neil Peart, that is unfair to the talent of this duo.  They are so original.  I’ll tell you this: this album hasn’t left my stream since I received it.  One listen, and you will be hooked.  Me & Munich have it all.

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