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Hip Hop Art: dEVOLVE – “Put It On” ft. Craigy T

  • June 10, 2018
  • 1 min read
Hip Hop Art:  dEVOLVE – “Put It On” ft. Craigy T


“Put It On” ft. Craigy T

This is what hip-hop should sound like.  I love this song.  If you want to dance your ass off, listen to dEVOLVE.  dEVOLVE made his way onto the scene in 2016 and hasn’t lifted his foot off the pedal since. The Florida-based artist’s eclectic sound can be noted for its many influences as it features a spectrum of genres such as Caribbean dancehall, big room electronic music, trap and hip hop.  Finally, someone who has taken hip-hop and trap and made it into an art form.  This is the real deal, guys.

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