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House Music for the Heart: Matisse & Sadko

  • October 18, 2015
  • 1 min read

Matisse & Sadko

Matisse & Sadko

“Lock ‘N’ Load”

This is one of the greatest dance mixes/DJ beat/House whatever tunes I’ve ever heard.  It starts out by getting faster and faster and faster and higher and higher until your heart is ready to burst, then it slows for a minute, and then it builds again until you are seriously spinning out of control on the dancefloor, and then, the duo brings the pace down again.  But always, there is that pounding beat, the beat of your heart.  This duo from St. Petersburg, Russia, are tremendous.  One magazine claims:

It’s a steady climber, this amazing tune by Matisse & Sadko. The guys build up sky high before unleashing a cool, techy drop. From here, it’s all building up again, Lock ‘N’ Load with a brave, mid-tempo breakdown that grabs you tight and drops you back on the floor with blazing kicks and raw bassline. Big shot!

I’m impressed.  House music is not always something I’m usually into, but this duo is amazing.  I seriously nearly had a heart attack.

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