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Indian Psychedelia: Imaad Wasif – “Carry The Scar”

  • June 11, 2017
  • 2 min read
Indian Psychedelia: Imaad Wasif – “Carry The Scar”

Imaad Wasif

“Carry The Scar”


If you haven’t jumped on Imaad Wasif’s bandwagon, do so before you are left in the dust.  Wasif is one of the most imaginative musicians out there, combining so many different genres into this new category I call Wasif.  As his bio states:

Ever wary of the evil eye, the title of Imaad Wasif’s Dzi comes from The Tibetan Book of The Dead. Pronounced ‘zee,’ the word translates to “shine, brightness”. Dzi may or may not contain references to love, paranoia and delusion. Characterized by Wasif’s psychonautic sound, it’s a marked departure from the acoustic guitar and folk rock style established by The Voidist and veers more into the uncharted territory of indoproto-dream metal. Wasif, an Indian singer, songwriter and guitarist, known for his simplistic compositions and dark emotional ballads contrasts vulnerability with riffs that strive against the notion that rock n roll has completed its historical trajectory. Dzi is a foray into psychedelic rock, and credited as “the last Western rock album to integrate Indian raga sounds.”

This is one of the greatest musicians out there.  Please enjoy this psychedelic trip with Wasif and me. There is always room around the fire.  Remember, the music style is Wasif.

Track Listing

1. Way Inside (intro)
2. Far East
3. Astronomy
4. Carry The Scar
5. Marie
6. Turn Away
7. Dream Metal
8. Mirror Image
9. The Beautician
10. I’m Changing
11. Underlight

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