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Life’s No Storybook: Julia Jacklin – “Head Alone”

  • December 2, 2018
  • 1 min read
Life’s No Storybook:  Julia Jacklin – “Head Alone”

Julie Jacklin

“Head Alone”


Julie Jacklin is releasing her new album in February, and from the singles she’s dropped (“Head Alone” and “Body”), it is going to be a stunner.  Jacklin, from Australia, sounds like she has been around.  Her voice cracks in just the right places to make you know she’s been there, done that, got nothing.  And the guitar work and the sparse piano are always perfect, sounding like her and the band been recorded late at night after the bar has closed.  If you’re looking for happy-go-lucky, Jacklin is not for you.  She has faced life up close and spat in it.  She reminds me of Deerhunter, that brutally honest.  A great quote from her bio states:

“This album came from spending two years touring and being in a relationship, and feeling like I never had any space of my own,” says the Melbourne-based artist. “For a long time I felt like my head was full of fear and my body was just this functional thing that carried me from point A to B, and writing these songs was like rejoining the two.”

Julia Jacklin is going to be important.  Remember that.

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