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Lisbon Punk Root: Everground – “Rocks In My Shoes”

  • December 13, 2015
  • 1 min read

evergreen candy


“Rocks In Your Shoes”

Acid Candy

Remember true DIY punk?  This is my friend, Suspiria Franklyn, the Punk Queen of Portugal.  This was her first band, Everground.  The sound is still wonderful.  Lately she has been involved with Les Baton Rouge and Kinetic Glass, but whatever she does, she has always been in the forefront of music, especially punk.  Les Baton Rouge and Kinetic Glass have been covered here, but I had to call attention to her early music.  If you’re interested in Lisbon punk, check out the website  A lot of great bands there for those who cannot get enough DIY punk in their life.  Like myself.

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