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Love Is For Everyone: Sondre Lerche – “Serenading In The Trenches”

  • March 2, 2017
  • 2 min read

Sondre Lerche

“Serenading In The Trenches”


Sondre Lerche has an amazing vocal style, and his song writing is certainly not what you expect.  For example, “Serenading In The Trenches” starts off with a simple, though beautiful melody, then all of the sudden, you get these beautiful but surprising lines:

Thought I saw you at the finish line and you were burning a flag
and you were biding your time
Thought I saw you at the finish line and you were biding your time
and you were biding your time and you were biding your time
Tripped on my compass as I fled on foot
Shed all my luggage, all your fuck-me-boots
Cute as a button on a wounded high horse
Sink into the quicksand of desire and remorse
Pissed off and juiced up, with my back to the wall
Blindfolded, eager to give into the fall
Stripped of the structures that boggled my mind
Sink into the quicksand, making up for lost time

Then, right before the chorus, the drums give this crazy stutter beat that is so surprising.  And then there is the tremendous, sexy, beguiling, yet confusing video.  If expressions of love make you uncomfortable, well, too bad.  This is a beautiful video.

Lerche comes to us from Norway by way of Brooklyn, and he has brought all the emotion and freedom of both places into his music.  If Lerche does not make you look at relationships and love differently, I don’t know what will.  All I know is that this is one of my favorite artists of this year.  He drops his new album, Pleasure, tomorrow, and he is now on tour.  Get his album, see him live.

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