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Melancholic Musings: On Dead Waves – “Blackbird”

  • November 29, 2015
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on dead waves












On Dead Waves


On Dead Waves

“My dreams are like summer, and yours are like spring
Let’s sleep until sunrise, sing blackbird sing”

What a beautiful, melancholy depiction of the changing of the seasons.  On Dead Waves perfectly captured those dark memories and buried emotions we all have.  I so unbelievably love this band.  The lead singer’s voice is filled with longing and despair, much like a heroine in a Bronte novel.  This is music for those wide open spaces at twilight when you are the only person around.  When I listen to On Dead Waves, I see the paintings of de Chirico.  Isolation, despair, longing, melancholy.  The singer has a voice similar to, well, absolutely no one.  I wish I knew her name.  I swear, she and I are related.  I relate to On Dead Waves more than any band I’ve heard lately.

At dusk the branches of the skeleton trees look a bit like tiny veins, reaching out to the dusty blue sky.

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