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Melodic Melancholy: For My Demons – “Reborn”

  • February 18, 2018
  • 1 min read
Melodic Melancholy:  For My Demons – “Reborn”

For My Demons


Closer To The Shade

What a great, melancholy, beautiful song with strong melodies.  For My Demons is comprised of Gabriele Palmieri: vocals; Andrea Terzulli: bass; Francesco La Dolcetta : Guitar; and Giovanni Masotti : Drums.  The band with its emphasis on strong melodies, with a veiled veneer of melancholy, is the trademark of the project, with the participation of musicians from diverse musical backgrounds bringing their
experience and talent to this debut album.  This is really one of the greatest Baroque Metal bands I’ve heard.  I’m hooked, and I am playing this for my Demons, of which I have many, because then they might be satisfied.  I am.  Love this band.

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