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Mesmerizing: John-Robert – “Adeline”

  • March 10, 2019
  • 2 min read
Mesmerizing: John-Robert – “Adeline”



Amazing voice, amazing song writer.  I’m so impressed that John-Robert is so young and so brave to make his music with just his guitar and that voice of his, which is simply mesmerizing.  He reminds me of Angel Olsen with his honesty and integrity.  This is a musician that people are going to wake to his tremendous talent.  And read these wonderful lyrics:

Oh Adeline take me home Walk me through the barren streets I used to roam Say you never saw us growing old But we can still live young God only knows when I saw you last Haven’t spoken much since your mother passed And you were never one for doing what you were told Oh but how the good die young And if you’re cold Then don’t leave lonely I’ll walk you home No you don’t have to love me Oh Adeline So Adeline how’ve you been? Do you still dream to be an actress? And tell me was the west coast all it’s worth? She said no cause life don’t play out like the movies So if you’re cold Don’t leave lonely I’ll walk you home No you don’t have to love me Oh Adeline Oh Adeline off you go You were always raised to be a rolling stone Right before you left wish I’d let you know That I have always adored you That I will always adore you Through all the people and places and lifetimes we pass through It will always come back to you

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