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Noir-Pop: Deidre & The Dark – “Unerasable Love”

  • April 15, 2018
  • 1 min read
Noir-Pop:  Deidre & The Dark – “Unerasable Love”

Deidre & The Dark

“Unerasable Love”

Brooklyn-based artist, Deidre Muro has released beautiful yet spooky songs of empowerment with her band The Dark.  This is great music, a combination of Lana del Ray and Nancy Sinatra, with a hint of Julie London, making Deidre the new chanteuse out there.  A true femme fatale (like Nico), Muro’s music is dark, beautiful, evocative.  Sometimes she sound like Ambrosia Parsley from Shivaree (an utmost of complements), but always with her own style and vision.  This is where true pop should be heading.

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