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Pop Rock At Its Best: Evaride – “Heartless”

  • October 29, 2017
  • 1 min read
Pop Rock At Its Best:  Evaride – “Heartless”
Shervin Lainez



This is probably the best pop rock song I’ve heard for a long time.  This is exactly what a great heart-throb band is supposed to sound like:  strong vocals, beautiful riffs, great backbeat, good looks.  Evaride is made up of: Vocals: Sean Michael Murray, Guitar: Hayden Maringer, and Drums: Josh Devine.  Within this band you have One Direction, Broadway’s “American Idiot” and “Rent”, and Demi Lovato/Jennifer Lopez’ background musician.  With a history like that, you know they are good.  And they are more than good:  they are great.  It’s unusual of me to love a pop rock song this much, but Evaride is impossible to resist.  Loosen up all you snobs:  listen and dance.  There is still hope for pop music. 

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