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Post Punk With A Message: Gang Of Four – “Lucky”

  • March 20, 2018
  • 1 min read
Post Punk With A Message:  Gang Of Four – “Lucky”

Gang Of Four



Coming barreling out of Leeds, Gang Of Four is back to take back their place as one of the best post punk bands ever, one of the few with a real message, almost communistic (in the best sense).  I love this band.  I’ve seen them kick ass many a time, and the Andy Gill-lead incarnation is ready to show that they still have all the licks, and the message never tires.  Gang Of Love is made up of Andy Gill – Guitar, Thomas McNiece – Bass, John “Gaoler” Sterry – Vocals, and Jonny Finnigan – Drums.  Sterry’s vocals are amazing and Gill’s guitar has never been better.  Never one to sit on their laurels, the band is always evolving, but never regressing; but, still staying to true to their roots.  My only question is:  where is Jiang Qing?

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