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Power Pop: FIVES – Hearts & Thunders

  • November 15, 2016
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“Hearts & Thunder”

Hearts & Thunder

What a great power pop group FIVES is.  They have a sound reminiscent of Rick Springfield (think “Jessie’s Girl”) or The Romantics, that wonderful, clean, innocent sound of 80’s power pop, while still being modern and original.  Hailing from the Baltimore/DC area, FIVES was founded by singer/lyricist Marc Cashin and Matthew White, songwriter and keyboardist.  The whole band consists of the following:  Vocals, Guitar / Marc Cashin; Keyboards, Vocals / Matthew White; Guitar, Vocals / Nate Lanzino; Drums / Billy Toti; and Bass / Max Rosenstein.  This is a great band.  I think this is seriously what I needed.

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