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Protest To Dance To: The Porchistas – “Mister Chump”

  • April 11, 2017
  • 1 min read

The Porchistas

“Mister Chump”

Axis & Allies

Seldom has protest been this much fun.  I know “45” has is an easy target, but The Porchistas have made a great song pointing out all the flaws and evil of “45”.  Coming from Montclair, NJ (a state that breeds rockers like no other), The Porchistas are made up of Alan “Sucia” Smith, Adam “Devil-Hands” Falzer, Gerry Griffin, and Jonathon Riordan.  The combination of funk, punk, and hip hop makes this the most danceable protest song ever.  For sound think of a funkier Dandy Warhols and you’ll get the sound.  This is one of the most fun and wittiest protest songs ever.  Dance away and maybe we can drive “45” and his minions out of office.

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