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Realism: Conor Oberst – “Salutations”

  • April 8, 2017
  • 1 min read

Conor Oberst

“Barbary Coast (Later)”


Conor Oberst is one of my heroes, and it is so wonderful he has not lost his sense of ironic bitterness.  Nobody combines images quite like Oberst.  Take this verse for example:

I don’t mind my head when there’s room to dream
Feel like Paul Gauguin painting breadfruit trees
In some far off place where I don’t belong
Tried to lose myself in the primitive
In Yosemite like John Muir did
But his eyes were blue and mine are red and raw
‘Cause the modern world is a sight to see
It’s a stimulant, it’s pornography
It takes all my will not to turn it off

Oberst has been accused of being hipster, suicidal, sadness, nihilistic.  I disagree; Oberst is a realist.  Life isn’t always pretty, relationships don’t always work out, people aren’t always nice.  I happen to like being reminded of the shit of the world.  It makes you appreciate the good when it comes around.  I think that is Oberst’s whole point.  Good job, Conor, good job.

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