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Righteous Anger: Dusty Grant – “Don’t Give A Damn Anymore”

  • August 29, 2017
  • 1 min read
Righteous Anger:  Dusty Grant – “Don’t Give A Damn Anymore”

Dusty Grant

“Don’t Give A Damn Anymore”

I swear, there is no one more relevant than Dusty Grant right now.  His song, “Don’t Give A Damn Anymore”, fits my mood so exactly.  He confronts our collective sense of frustration with this world.  Sounding like a cross between Father John Misty and Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Grant is an American singer-songwriter and musician from Omaha, Nebraska, that is never afraid to confront any problem head-on, even if he is so frustrated he can’t see any way out.  I love how beautiful his voice and guitar are, even when angry.  This is tremendous music.  I love Dusty Grant.  Pay attention, guys.  He has a hell of a lot to say.

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