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Rock Protest: Veronica May – “Rise”

  • November 18, 2018
  • 1 min read
Rock Protest:  Veronica May – “Rise”

Veronica May


To say that Veronica May is passionate about rights for all is like saying the Mississippi River is a stream.  May is amazing with the lyrics of her song “Rise”.  I admit that sometimes I have felt like giving up, but when May tells you that you must “Rise”, rise is what you do.  With the wonderful voice of multiple octaves and her passion, she can move mountains of indecision.  May plays a killer guitar backed up by Jeff Berkley lead guitar/mixing/producing/recording, Jeff Johnson Bass, and Josh Hermsmeier Drums, “Rise” is a killer track.  May is one of my new heroes.  She has a range that rivals Angel Olsen, and the political savvy and love of humans that makes people like Joan Baez so great.  Rock on, Veronica, and come to Pittsburgh.

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