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Salvation Of Rock N Roll: Royal Trux – “White Stuff”

  • March 3, 2019
  • 1 min read
Salvation Of Rock N Roll:  Royal Trux – “White Stuff”

Royal Trux

“White Stuff”

White Stuff

I love this band.  Dirty-ass, glitter sprinkled, rock and roll done correct by Jennifer Herrema and Neil Hagerty (also known as Eve & Adam).  This is the savior of rock and roll.  Take Susie Quatro, add some Slade, kick in some dirty guitar, and you got the best rock n roll album to come down the pike for awhile.  According to Penthouse:

“To rock fans desperate for a real kick, the new Royal Trux album, White Stuff registers like a glitter-caked weirdo stumbling into a polite discussion about which boutique overdrive pedal best replicates the guitar sound on a particular obscure New Zealand punk album from the seventies. White Stuff is the reason why we haven’t walked out on rock ’n’ roll altogether.”

This is so true.  These are two people I would love to party with.  For your spring party, grab your glitter, get your glam on, and kick ass to Royal Trux.

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