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SEE: Amber Lines – “Never Too Loud”

  • August 23, 2015
  • 2 min read

amber lines

Amber Lines

“Never Too Loud”

Never Too Loud

Another great band.  Amber Lines has a Mumford & Sons quality to their music without the shuffle/banjo sound.  Amber Lines is a band all their own.  I am really impressed.  And with lyrics like the following:

Those drunken nights when you’re really down
In the red phone box now you can drown
There’s no one around
Here you see you can’t crash
maybe you’ll just fall to the ground
Lonely road take me underground
Get me someplace i can scream and shout
Will you hear me out ?
Everybody’s playing
everybody’s making new sounds
Nothing matters music’s never too loud
Maybe i just need more time
Before I get my break

Takin a new train, Findin a new way
I just wanna say I was in love with you
Singing a new song, Waiting for too long
I just want to say I was in love with you
Love come down
When you’re leavin
Your hometown
I’ll be keeping
Love locked down
And I just wanna give ,
i just wanna give everything for you

They’ve got pop music down.  A good pop song makes you feel sad and happy at the same time.  Amber Lines have all that down pat.  This is a band I can’t wait to see live.  I know they can deliver.  Great job.  Oh, and they are super original.  They sound like no one else really.

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