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SEE: Greatest Lakes – “Nothing Left!”

  • June 7, 2015
  • 1 min read

greatest lakes

Greatest Lakes

“Nothing Left!”

Greatest Lakes

In the same vein as Band of Horse, but more accessible than The Mountain Goats, comes Greatest Lakes.  Greatest Lakes was formed by Jon Nichols (percussion), Brian Steinseifer (percussion) and Mike Hawes (bass) as a side project to an existing band. With no defined front-man, the trio share lead vocal duties, and soon welcomed Steinseifer’s wife, Melissa, on keyboards and vocals. The band’s live set members include Josiah Werning on drums and Kevin Kaufman on guitar.  Greatest Lakes combination of pop and alternative with folk and experimental sounds makes for beautiful music.  Though “Nothing Left!” starts soft and quiet, it builds to a beautiful ending.  This is a band definitely worth watching.

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