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SEE: January Jane – “Take The Lions On”

  • September 20, 2015
  • 1 min read

January Jane

January Jane

“Take The Lions On”

What a song.  January Jane is a band that can fill an arena and a barroom.  The band so impressed Matt Pinfield, he decided to produce them.  The band’s members include Pat Via (vocals), Mitchell C. Mitchell (guitar), Peter Scialla (piano/keys), Cody Darbe (bass) and Andre Jevnik (drums).  The strong sound, and the strong presence of Via, make this a band to watch.  I love this band.  Their song, “Take On The Lions”, is a very bold statement encouraging fans to have the courage and empowerment to overcome adversity and to take responsibility for their own actions.  Tremendous statement, very wonderful and powerful video that pushes the statement home; this is a band that has plenty to say and the balls to say it.

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