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SEE: Mumford & Sons – “Believe”

  • May 17, 2015
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Mumford & Sons


Wilder Mind

You want to hear the best pop song of the year (so far)?  Here it is.  Being a big big Mumford & Sons fan, I knew the new CD would be go.  But who knew what a kick “Believe” would deliver.  The song starts as a typical Mumford song, quiet and introspective, when all of a sudden, the guitars and drums kick in, and “Believe” moves to a higher plain.  Wilder Mind has won my award for the best CD of the year.  It might even hold on to that title, it is that good (unless Lana, PJ, or Patti Smith release a CD this year).  M&S, keep up the good work.  You have moved up to my favorite band.

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